Supply Chain Management

Client's Challenge

Modulant’s client is a large Federal Government agency that is responsible for manufacturing processes, operations and supply chain technologies related to a wide range of standardized clothing and equipment items. These are manufactured by a large number of widely distributed suppliers – many of them small companies – and have to be delivered in a timely manner to customers at multiple global locations.  Our client has faced major challenges in managing this supply chain, including coordination of production, assembly, storage, distribution and disposal processes.


Modulant has developed, deployed and sustained key technology components within our client’s supply chain processes, including:

These components are aligned with a standardized architecture that uses Oracle and SQL Server databases, the .NET software framework, Web Services, XML, and ODBC middleware.


The supply chain solutions developed by Modulant have enabled significant inventory reductions, improved usage of inventory points, a standardized approach to capturing production status and shipment information, improved suppliers’ cash flow, and reduction in the suppliers’ efforts to complete customer required forms and system transactions. Modulant’s system integration solutions have also increased the timeliness and accuracy of electronic transactions, and resultant inventory data.