Data Integration – ERP

Client's Challenge

Modulant’s client, a large Federal Government agency, was implementing a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to replace existing financial applications, which used a range of Oracle databases and file-based (VSAM) data storage. High volumes of legacy data had to be migrated and consolidated with the SAP target. However, the biggest challenge was the constant evolution of target data requirements throughout the SAP implementation process.


Modulant analyzed the new data requirements and mapped data from all the legacy applications to the required data load formats of the target ERP system. Modulant’s solution created scripts for the export, translation and transformation of the data and automated data validation and financial reconciliation processes. Modulant also worked with the client’s staff to refine workflow processes and staff the ERP Help Desk, ensuring that they were ready to go live from an operations perspective. Modulant was able to track and respond to the changing requirements without lengthening the delivery schedule, primarily due to the efficiency of its migration and validation processes.


The data provided by Modulant was successfully loaded into the new ERP system with minimal effort, which represented a dramatic improvement from data loads for other organizations that required repeated efforts. Furthermore, the solution provided full traceability between the data migrated to the ERP environment and the legacy systems from which it originated.