Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence

Client's Challenge

In order to provide timely information to a wide range of users, partners, and government agencies, Modulant’s client needed to develop a Data Warehouse solution coupled with an updated Business Intelligence (BI) capability to aggregate, analyze, and report on environmental information collected from a wide range of sources.  In order to provide accurate historical analysis, the data warehouse also needed to be loaded with data from multiple legacy sources. Modulant was engaged to design, develop and deploy this data warehouse solution, based on a Microsoft SQL Server platform.


Modulant’s team made use of the Contextia™ Technology Platform to extract and cleanse data from multiple legacy systems and to load this into the data warehouse in full alignment with the warehouse schema and reference data.  Modulant worked with a specialist partner to integrate the data warehouse with the latest version of the client’s preferred BI tools, as well as developing web-based capabilities for data validation and quality assurance.


Modulant has developed and delivered a highly functional data warehouse solution that allows our client to aggregate environment data from more than 20 different sources and to create multiple reports and dashboards.  The data warehouse design supports extension into new domains and areas of functionality, including integration with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote data collection, and use of mobile devices for data entry and validation.