Anonymous Information Sharing

Client's Challenge

Modulant’s client needed a way to share important safety information within a group of commercial companies and government agencies without identifying which entity published the information. Its capacity to do so was hampered by the incompatibility of data used by each participant’s systems and the sensitive nature of the information itself – representing significant technical and business obstacles to overcome.


Modulant provided an information sharing environment in which participants could anonymously publish and query safety reports that were available from all participants. Modulant’s Contextia™ Technology Platform was able to provide this confidentiality and mediate the data into one single context. This was critical to enabling each organization to leverage the data within the unique structure, terminology and semantics of its own systems and processes.


Modulant’s client specifically was able to reduce the costs associated with preparing and submitting safety reports. Most importantly, our client was able to reduce the lead time on reporting critical safety information, identifying trends and taking remedial action.