Business Process Automation

Client's Challenge

Modulant has supported the needs of a large Federal Government client to automate and improve the efficiency of the business processes it was using to handle an annual workload of approximately 5,000 engineering support requests.  More than 300 engineers in the client’s organization are involved in reviewing, approving and executing these support requests.


Modulant has developed an automated workflow solution using the Contextia™ Business Process Engine.  This solution is fully configurable and extensible, providing a single, integrated system that managed and streamlined the engineering support request process; thereby, increasing operational efficiency, reducing costs, and improving the client’s flexibility to respond to changing business needs.


Modulant’s solution reduced the average time to process an individual engineering support request by a factor of four (3.5 hours to 45 minutes) and has been extended to support a wider user base across multiple geographic locations.  The combination of a core Business Process Engine, tailored workflow specifications, forms and reports allowed Modulant’s client to significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of several key business processes. Our customer has recognized work undertaken to extend the workflow automation solution to additional sites, users and processes as one of their top 5 IT initiatives of 2015.