Data Strategy

Client's Challenge

Our client is a centralized IT organization that needed to develop an Enterprise Data Management & Governance Plan to better share data within and across business units, create efficiencies within business processes, optimize the usage of data, and reduce software licensing and hardware footprints.


Modulant developed a baseline of the client’s existing data sharing capabilities through analysis of existing information sources, surveys and interviews. This baseline enabled the team to identify and classify opportunities for data sharing based on common information, business functions and processes across multiple departments, divisions and programs. Modulant integrated this information with the client’s existing Enterprise Architecture, Application Inventory and Metadata Management tools, allowing information about data sharing capabilities, requirements and implementations to be maintained and used as the basis for future planning and governance.


Our client now has a complete inventory of its systems, applications and data and is prioritizing its data management and integration initiatives based on business impact.  All business units’ data sharing efforts can be coordinated to improve overall efficiency and reduce risk – all due to the availability of trusted data.