Data Migration

Data migration is a critical component of almost any business transformation or technology refresh initiative.  According to Bloor Research, only 16 percent of data migration projects are considered successful, putting the larger corporate initiatives they support – and their benefits – at risk. Traditional scripting and extract-transform-load (ETL) tools are capable of moving data, but they don’t have the capabilities required to manage the complexities of conversion of information to the context of a new system.

Today’s dynamic business environments require more agile, automated solutions that have a business-centric orientation rather than focusing only on data. Modulant’s Data Migration Solutions automate the migration process within a completely integrated environment, delivering unparalleled visibility, flexibility and repeatability throughout the migration process.

The Contextia™ Technology Platform enables capture and sharing of knowledge about how the business works and a consistent definition of how the data is used within the broader business context.  This capability enables Modulant to automate complex data migrations – from cleansing and transformation to consolidation and master data management – and ensure the integrity of your information.

Case Study

Data Migration – CRM

Case Study