Contextia Products

Contextia™ SKY Platform

The Contextia™ SKY Platform enables real-time engagement and interaction with your customers. It brings together information from your Wi-Fi networks, social media, and enterprise systems to offer unique insight into your customers’ activities and preferences. The Contextia™ SKY Platform is optimized for large, multi-tenant facilities such as sports and entertainment arenas, shopping malls, and airports and applies Modulant’s proven data management and systems integration solutions to capturing and analyzing information about your customers as they move into and through your facilities, enabling tightly-targeted messaging, promotions and other information services to be delivered in real time.

Contextia™ Technology Platform

Modulant’s Contextia Technology Platform provides an integrated set of automated tools to support key data management and systems integration solutions.  Contextia ensures that customers have access to the relevant, accurate and actionable information they need to power their businesses today and in the future. Instead of using multiple documents and spreadsheets, the Contextia Knowledge Repository captures all relevant information about data, its meaning and usage.  For the first time, business and data analysts can jointly define blueprints to develop solutions based on a common understanding of data and its business context. These blueprints are used to automate key data management processes from a logical, business-level perspective.  Full traceability ensures that business-level changes immediately flow through to the design and execution of data management and systems integration solutions.  This flexibility enables solutions to evolve and adapt to accommodate changing business needs and IT capabilities – ensuring their long-term sustainability.

Contextia™ Business Process Engine

Modulant’s Contextia Business Process Engine allows easy implementation and streamlining of business processes via a process-centric, enterprise-wide solution that focuses on your existing applications and data, your existing business rules and policies, and your people and organization. The Contextia Business Process Engine allows you to automate key business processes, creating immediate efficiency benefits, with the flexibility to adapt to future needs. The Contextia Business Process Engine is a key component of Modulant’s systems integration and workflow automation solutions, enabling clients to create and maintain more efficient, reliable and secure business processes.  The Business Process Engine provides fully configurable, scalable business process management and automation to support your business goals.